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5 Things to consider while preparing a Business Blogging Plan

Starting a blog for your business is a great idea but unless you have a good plan in place you will never see the results you are expecting.

In this article I want to list down 5 things to consider while creating a Business Blogging Plan.

1. Define your Goal

First and foremost you need to have a goal for your business blogging.

It is quite crucial to set your blogging goals because if you want to work towards something beneficial for your business setting goals streamlines your focus and efforts and help you make most of your time.

Start by setting long time goals, think about what you want to achieve with your blog. Once you have your long term goals in place work your way down into months, weeks and daily goals. Instead of putting time limits on your achievements make it “this is what I want my blog to achieve” type statements. For eg. I want to have 1 million unique visitors per day or I want to publish at least two articles in a week etc. Something that may sound a bit difficult but definitely an achievable goal.

2. Research well

Research is an important part of creating and writing a quality blog. Since it has to be credible, relevant to the industry, use actual facts, stats, figures — you need to do a thorough research for all of these.

Doing a research can be very time consuming but its worth the effort.

Research helps you validate your blog idea, fill your blog posts with interesting and relevant content, and engage your readers.

Set up research system that helps you capture notes, ideas, quotes and information in a systematic manner.

3. Learn from the best Bloggers

Learning from other bloggers are also essential because they relate to what you go through as a blogger, offer insights on overcoming the writing struggles, teach you how to live your writing passion and last but not the least you learn from their failures.

Watch the frequency of their blog posts, learn how they promote their blog on social media sites and most importantly how they keep themselves motivated.

4. Decide on a blogging schedule

Consistent posting certainly is a key to successful blogging because it prepares your readers to expect more from you and therefore make frequent visits, it contributes to higher web traffic and search engine benefits.

Therefore committing to a schedule will eventually make you a better blogger. You can start with one blog post in a month and depending on the response increase the schedule once in a week.

Preparing and committing to a schedule will fetch you great benefits and make your business flourish.

5. Prepare to monitor and analyze

Just as much important the above points are this one will make you an even better blogger.

Monitoring and analyzing the performance of your blog will help you improve your writing and help you understand your readers even better.

Google Analytics is an excellent tool to help you analyze the performance of your blog. Identifying your top performing post, comparing performances, viewing the traffic sources will help you optimize your blog even more

Therefore before going live with your blog use an efficient tracking tool that will help you monitor & analyze your blog.

There are definitely many more things that goes into creating and writing a blog but I consider the above five to be the stepping stone.

I will share more on blogging so stay tuned and don’t forget to share and follow me.